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Friday, 5 September 2008

Pen & Ink rhymes with stink !!!

Years ago I tried my hand at pen & ink drawing using the Rotring draftsman pens , most where done while on nightshift if there was nothing on the TV, even tried Taxidermy but the lads insisted I do it elsewhere and not on the meal table, nightshifts where not always so quite , but there was always "govy" jobs to do happy days !!. I found the sketch pad and pens awhile ago in the hope of having ago again, but the pens are dried especially the finer ones I got some special cleaning fluid from Rotring but they still don't work, I often sit and draw from memory just to try and get a shape down using any bit of blank paper around, trouble is when asked what are you drawing, I have to say don't know yet, I will have to wait and see what it looks like ,so I have to copy from books but I do take a pad with me to the likes of Holywell pond but capturing the bird in the field is hard, I can't seem to get the free flowing movement needed to get the bird on paper quickly enough

Rotring pens where expensive (even more so now) but I did like the process very therapeutic
Pencil of Osprey that's the head of a Goldeneye to the right, I like to use all the page !!!!
My first attempts at watercolour, or colouring in as I call it, I know your 5 (4,3,2,1, )year old could do better !!!!!!!!
Well that's it for now still raining very heavily here, still I suppose the ponds could do with some water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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