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Friday, 12 June 2009

Around the ponds on the bike 10-6-09

Wednesday I went miles around the area looking at any pond I could find ,started off at Blyth beach to have a look at the Whale that had washed ashore but it was already gone , large lorry tracks showing where it had been , so loaded down with camera and small scope I set off, it ended more just a cycle ride than anything with not much in the way of Dragonflies, I past this Swallow sitting on the fence behind a hedge so I stopped and got out the camera for a shot ,but it never moved ,looking through the camera I could see nothing wrong with it no sign of injury etc: so I sat and had my coffee to keep an eye on it , eventually it flew over to the pond had a drink and returned further down the fence , obviously something not right perhaps it had collided with something and would just take a bit of time .

Checking the pond with Large Red, Common ,Blue tailed & Azure Damselflies but nothing new I sat in the sun for the rest of my coffee a Swallow flew slowly over the pond and dipped down for a drink landing on the gate beside my bike , which is where I left it after getting a few more shots I was not as close as the photo seems to show ,seeing that bird on springwatch which looked terrible compared to this and that recovered , I can only hope this bird also recovered fully.

No sign of any injury,I had thought those where ticks when I looked through the bins but no !!!

Seems glossy enough and bright eyed

Getting better at the Hoverfly shots ,nearly there!!!

This one just too far away teneral form.

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