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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Nightingale , Emperors & Red Arrows 24-6-09

Another warm and sunny day I missed the message re the singing Nightingale, I was out looking for more Dragons visited two small ponds which both had Emperors present ,the constant sun had them in the air the whole time another chance to try and get some flight shots , one just kept in the open area in the middle of the pond with two keeping to there corners and occasionally clashing together , Common Blue,Blue Tailed & Large Reds all laying , plenty of Meadow Browns, a few Ringlets,Common Blue, 2 Painted Lady, in the butterflies,Lunch time Nightingale still singing so I headed up ,took some finding and yes it was still singing, caught a glimpse before it moved again and again keeping to a sort of rectangle of bushes, it went silent for awhile and I lay down in the grass Buzzards overhead, it started to sing again and I just lay there, it was a surreal experience ,lying there on my own, in the sun , on an old railway track in Northumberland,with Nightingale singing just yards away,interspersed with a Wren singing from not quite the same song sheet but the same bush. To top the day off just caught the Red Arrows as they blasted over Blyth trailing smoke and heading east........................................
EDIT I forgot to mention the sign before the old rail bridge, "Private Cattle Grid ", but I must confess I crossed it instead of going through the gate, I had a good look around to check for CCTV first , I like to live on the wild side now and again !!!

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abbey meadows said...

I like the new look. Mine could do with some similar work.