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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Now for something completely different

Sunday the 7th of June , at it was time for something completely different, Corbridge Steam Rally an annual event in June , I just love getting to these shows and see the range of vehicles etc: that is on display and running, I have a job just keeping my car clean and road worthy till you see the finish on these, old lorries restored to as new after a hard life with the builder or coalman,takes dedication and deep pockets.

A falconry display was also there, you can now have a Falcon deliver your wedding rings down the aisle onto your gloved hand !!!!!!!!!!!! (but ladies must not wear any feathers in their hats in case they cause a distraction) . I personally do not like to see these fabulous birds ( Eagle Owl, etc: ) sitting around on their perches , but the flying is certainly impressive to watch.

Later we had a walk along the river to see what the progress of the Roman Bridge excavations was getting on , only to find a pile of stones with a notice saying what it was supposed to be ,I say supposed because without it you would not have a clue what it was, it took us awhile to find the actual crossing point as it is further west than the stones, nothing to show it was ever there other than a couple of oblong stones in the river pointed out by a local, he said they had recorded the stones before they were removed (to protect them) but had lost the references to which they referred, its the sort of vandalism The Victorians where accused of , so probably after a long consultation by experts and a few(or many) thousand pounds they now rest in a pile,heap or interpretive display you decide. I for one was not impressed, I was however impressed with the sheer number of Swallows, House Martins, Swifts & Sand Martins feeding along this stretch of river, it was mesmerising just watching they skim over the water and right past our noses, of course I had left my big lens in the car and up pops the brightest Yellow Wagtail I have ever seen , well I had to get a bit of birding in somewhere, a good contrast to the day !!!

Northumbrian Birder self portrait

says it all

These vehicles are truly massive & impressive

I like these old vans etc:, they would have had a hard life , this also had an old motorbike in the back as cargo.

We all know what the Latin inscription says , but I liked the three Owls (bit of a birding theme)

It's when these are steamed up and moving that they really come to life

This guy spends his weekends running this Merlin engine (birding theme continues) he has ear defenders to protect his hearing and keep his hair on.

I think this was a Gyr/Lanner cross , with a Swallow seeing it off !!!!

The site of the bridge crossing

THE PILE OF STONES ( I'm sure that one bottom right is upside down)
It was much better in place, in the future they will probably be looking for funds to put it back again.

I am not sure of this display, perhaps they are waiting for more lottery cash to arrange them into a pile , or perhaps the committee has not decided the order of that pile,they should have called in Time Team, Phil would have sorted it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the show, I help out with the falconry team in question, the Gyr/Lanner hybrid is called Teal and is a real pleasure to watch. Regarding sitting on perches, all birds from Northumberland Falconry are flown daily, and any wild bird of prey will only fly to feed anyway. It is unbelieveable the lazyness of some species mostly the European Eagle Owls which will only fly if they have no other choice. Thanks Cain

Alan Tilmouth said...

Nice to see your not running out of steam with this blogging lark.

St said...

If you like steam rallies, get yourself to dorset in early september.
there is a one down there on 600 acres of land.
It has a camp site and agricultral show on site, as well.
Spent the day there a couple of years ago only to discover as much again on the other side of a hill at the end of a long but good day.
here's the link.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for the comments
St. thanks for the link