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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Blyth Estuary 15-6-09

Mid afternoon Monday I cycled along to the estuary, partly to check the pools created to filter the water pumped from the old Bates pit,running through four or five pools and filter beds it was very clear as it discharged into the river but oddly it does not seem to have much life in it , the reeds are growing well , a couple of Reed Buntings flitting about , but insect life seems absent, 12 mallard & a few Gulls around the fenced in pools , Moorhen called from the reeds, Meadow Pipits, Linnets & some young Blue Tits, and Willow Warbler singing, Common & Sandwich Terns feeding as the tide rose, as were Ringed Plover & Curlew ,Shellduck with young & Skylarks singing. I found another couple of flowers that I am not familiar with, the fences are festooned with chrysalis cases of Five Spot Burnet Moths , I know they are very common but still good to see.
I have I.D.'d this as Autumn Hawkbit

This I took to be a clover and in the vein of say what you see I thought an upright or standing Clover it's about 24" in height , I know clovers can grow tall but it just looked different to all the Red Clover around, anyway Upright Clover does exist but VV rare, I shall have another look at it.

Reading up on Orchids they can be very complex, well to me anyway

All that I could see had flown, just a small number of what was around

Off for a makeover

Completed makeover

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