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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blyth Harbour................24-01-2011

24th January   Another walk down to the harbour  Snow Buntings and the Red- Necked Grebe still around  as where the 2 Coots which have taken up winter residence in  amongst the yachts, I discovered I had again broken one of the leg locking brackets of my Manfrotto tripod  it grips but slowly slips ,cost me £15 for the last one , probably £20 now and there are a potential 6 to break  ,  will have to protect them in future.

 Snow Buntings 5 still around , but have not seen them on the dunes only on the fence.
 Red -Necked grebe beginning to get a red tinge to the neck ,hope it stays around for awhile yet.
 Winter Wonders in the form of Snow Buntings  nice to have them hang around.


Johnnykinson said...

Nice images of 2 cracking species. Very nice indeedy.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Johnny , still around today if you want to go down.