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Friday, 21 January 2011

Hawfinch.................Roe Deer

!8th Tuesday decided to go up and look for the reported Hawfinch at Morpeth , I have been along this area a few times as part of a walk  from Morpeth to Mitford , the bird had been seen a couple of times that day but after about an hour no show decided to walk along to the weir , Jay on the bankside and a couple of Marsh Tits along the road  with Buzzard over , later the Hawfinch eventually sat atop some trees for us I took some digi photos which looked Ok but on the monitor a small twig in front of the bird was in focus but the bird not.
Called at West Hartford on the way home no owls but four Roe Deer , of the nearer two one sensed me or heard the shutter as it pricked its ears and began to strut in an arc coming towards me so I just took a couple of shots every few seconds I had intended to compile them into a slideshow but it does not seem to work ,it came closer and closer for some reason it could not see me ,but I thought as soon as it gets my scent it will be off , I could feel the slight breeze on my neck and sure enough as soon as it came in line with me and the breeze it was turned and off like a rocket.

Jay near the weir 
Marsh Tit along the road

Hawfinch sitting feeding  female ? also a bit of video

Strutting along, leg poised in the air as it tried to work out what was up

Just a step later it got my scent and was off !!

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