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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

St Marys ........and that Teal !!!!!!!!!!

13th January I was up at St Mary's Island the intention  was to look through the waders or anything else for colour rings counted 120 Sanderling with 2 colour ringed birds ,98 Dunlin and a single Bar Tailed. Up on the wetland 170 Teal and included the male Yellow-billed/ Chilean/ Speckled Teal I have seen this at Holywell but at some distance and all you could note was the bright yellow bill, but at close inspection it is a very smart looking male ,displaying vigorously to the female Teal it did seem to have secured one , despite it origins it is worth a look. Peregrine over the prom heading west, something had previously spooked everything on the pond and most of the Teal had settled on the sea.. Forty Pinkfeet over which also headed west and seemed to settle in the north bay 5 Goldeneye, 3 Fulmar on the cliffs and 2 on the sea heralds their return.

One of two colour ringed Sanderling on the south bay

Peregrine over

The well travelled Speckled Teal, with the very prominent yellow bill it has a black ridge which splays out either side very striking seen head on , go on have a look at it , you know you want to !!!!

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