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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hen Harrier ......................20-01-2011

Today it was in tended to go to Prestwick Carr for the reported Hen Harrier Female , so I thought I would go to Big Waters first as I have not  been for awhile , along the boardwalk  20 + tree Sparrows and the treetops alive with Siskin 80 + checked through them as best I could looking for Redpolls. The Pond half frozen  but c60 Teal and a few Goldeneye with a single Pinkfoot in with the Greylags , the usual coming in to the feeders  it was bitter cold with a heavy frost and I thought even colder in the hide , a Water Rail showed briefly but totally the wrong settings for me to get it , light is always a problem here ,headed up to The Carr pulled over where MH was already scanning it was he that picked it up in the distance got the scope on it and it came nearer and nearer getting larger and larger in the scope passing what seem like right in front of us actively hunting looking for that last kill before dark, turning,it again passed us giving stunning views till  it went over the hedge of the lane and was lost to sight ...great end to a very cold day but well worth the wait .


Johnnykinson said...

I called up to Big Waters for the first time in ages myself on Weds. Almost the same birds as yourself with 80+ Siskin but no Redpoll also.
Was disappointed with images i had of Siskin and Reed Buntings due to the poor light you mentioned.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Was that a week apart !, I took just a couple of shots its not worth the effort to process , there was one log that had sun and frost ,but no birds !!!!, say hello if we meet .