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Friday, 28 January 2011

Diver ,Grebe & Mergansers

21-01-2011  A bright afternoon so just headed down to the harbour 5 Snow Buntings , sitting in amongst the security wire atop the fence seems to be there favourite site , RN Grebe still around but to far for photos it was off the end of the stone jetty , only one colour ringed Shag to have a go at and a colour ringed Sanderling on the beach  , called in at the Harbour masters for permission to go on the middle jetty favoured by gulls including every Iceland I have seen here , but permits only issued to boat owners so it was  a no !!. Five Mergansers on the river, walking back along I stopped again to look at the Buntings  a  lady asked "anything around " yes some Snow Buntings  just on top of the fence there (20-30 ' away) no raising of the bins to have a look , not even a glance over  " got some photos when they first arrived " was the reply  " is the Grebe still around " , Yes I said just off the end of the stone jetty ( the one with dead birds,bits of bone (mostly Chicken ),  fish heads and  all sorts of  slime & gunk, with  more crap than  you can imagine and the smell wow !!!)  
A Red Throated Diver caught my eye not far from shore I only see one or two in this end of the bay , it seemed to be having a good wash but through the scope I could see fishing line it was trying to get off , you can see it on the video . 

Colour ringed Sanderling (10) first one I hve noted here
Red Throated Diver just offshore  caught up in fishing line.

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