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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Foxy Photos !!!!!!!

Spent Saturday at one or three places ,a few Silver Y moths around today , the lesser Scaup still at Marden Quarry I got some good digi shots of it and a Great Spotted Woodpecker but had forgot to put the card in the camera so now they are on the internal memory and I don't know how to get them off as yet. Came across this Fox it was at first hidden in the grass but to my surprise it just kept coming closer and closer till I had to reduce the length of the lens to get it in , I felt sure the shutter sound would scare it off but no it may have been that it was investigating , the wind in my favour till suddenly it must have got a hint of my "Lynx" and contrary to the ads it was off so it does not work on FoX .
Holywell Pond held little to hold me for long a Hawker from the hide failed to be identified so I headed off to Prestwick  Carr one Short Eared owl on show and one Long Eared deep in cover with a Little Owl calling briefly.

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