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Friday, 7 October 2011

Prestwick Carr

Another couple of photos from Prestwick Carr and another short video of a bird sitting on the fence I am getting into video more as it can show some behaviour difficult to capture in a still shot, so its practice ,practice just need the subjects ...Sandhill Crane would have been nice   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is at least a nice pose as it looks intently at us looking intently at it !!!!!
 A visit to Holywell Pond before going to Prestwick this Med Gull in with the Black -Headed
 This Heron came just along the shore so I tried to just capture the head
Could not resist this rabbit as it and others came out late afternoon in front of the East hide at Holywell


Johnnykinson said...

As far as videon is concerned Brian.
The Sandhill Crane would have been to easy a target to practice on......Sand or House Martins much better. I could have captured 45 minutes of 2 birds roosting last night........just put the camera on the tripod, pressed the record button and wandered up 'n down the bumpy road while chatting, it's easy!!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes your right John birding can be a bumpy road ,where's this "Vid" then.