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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mixed Bag of sightings

A few photos from some recent days out , a run through to Thornley for perhaps the last of the Dragons ,produced a female briefly and a male looking for the said female , with still a few Speckled Woods, a Buzzard and Red Kite over , on the way to Shibdon had a look over the old bridge on to the river with , Kingfisher, Dipper & Grey Wagtail noted , Shibdon Pond  had a couple of Migrant Hawkers  taking advantage of the sunny spell , a couple of cycle rides along the River Blyth of late to check out the waders nearing high tide has been interesting, heightened one day we I came across one of the smallest Curlew I have ever seen , I tried to stop behind a small bush to have a look at it but it was off  and immediately out of sight,  I did try and find it but it will remain a mystery ,was it as small as I thought or just because I caught a glance of it as I passed , interesting bird nevertheless and it was in my thoughts  for the rest of the day. While checking out the waders a Kingfisher past silently and headed further up river behind me a loose flock of Long Tailed ,Blue and Great Tits with  2 Chiffchaffs  tagging along , across the river 2 Wheatears dropped onto insects from fences and posts the Curlews gathered on the field edge up-to a 150  but no sign of my runt
 Migrant Hawker from the track at Prestwick Carr
 Migrant Hawker taken at Shibdon Pond
 Buzzard over Thornley Woodland
 Red Kite also over Thornley Woods just over a small clearing
 Red Kite again as it circled the small clearing briefly
 This Fungi forcing its way through the bark of a Birch Tree at Thornley Woodland
 Two Moorhens give the classic pose as they fight over ? , just that bit to far for a decent shot, Shibdon Pond
 Little Egret one of up to Four along the River Blyth
Still find it hard to believe that we now have Little Egret , becoming a fairly common sight in Northumberland and especially these four birds along the River amongst old tyres ,shopping trolleys ,traffic cones , and many other mystery objects.
Great Crested Grebe  taken along the River Blyth.


Johnnykinson said...

Last of the dragons alright. i feel like i've been robbed this year. The number of times i had pencilled in a trip out only to be cancelled. I never got to Kibblesworth once and had arranged about six times.
Nice selection of images again Brian.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Well there is always next year, hopefully it will be better as you could not think it could get any worse !!!!