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Saturday, 15 October 2011

More Lesser & (Speckled Teal)

The report of the Lesser Scaup back at Marden Quarry so I went back up but on the bus to add it to my Birds by Bus list  , as expected a few birders already snapping away, at least with ducks they dictate how close they will come , so it drifted back and forth always keeping its distance , the presence of so many cameras etc: causing the locals some amusement , the well travelled,locally at least Speckled Teal drifted past and at one stage was behind the LS , other distractions while waiting for the sun to lighten the scene where the constant fights of Mute Swans and two Sparrowhawks that would drift over.
Edit : 21st October The Lesser Scaup has been labelled a 1st winter female so I will have to get back for another look if it is still around ,because when it was on the boating lake you could see a purple sheen on its head in certain light so I thought perhaps 1st winter male.
No flight shots for me but did get a quick shot of the wing
Not the easiest of birds to get a decent shot of
Classed as plastic (must be that bill ) the Speckled Teal drifted past well I just had to get a snap.
Speckled Teal & Lesser Scaup in the same view now that's a first for me !!!!

 To close for my lens these Mute Swans added some drama , this pond does actually provide some good photographic opportunities good practice for trying to get the best out of the light,
Two nice Sparrowhawks would drift over now and then !!

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