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Friday, 14 October 2011

Turtle Dove/Lesser Scaup

Sunday an afternoon visit to Prestwick Carr  I came across this Bullfinch oddly feeding on Stinging Nettle Seeds , I would not have thought there was much actual food value in these but I wonder if there is some other trace element as Nettles are used for medicinal products ? No sign of any Owls although we did not stay till dark several Buzzards up and also a good number of Kestrels with Willow Tit also along the hedge.
Monday I went along for the  Turtle Dove it circled the car park as I got there but took another thirty minutes or more to come down to the field , it also spent time in a couple of the nearby trees but all those photos where of no use, it did eventually come and sit on the fence for twenty or so minutes till someone   got just to close.
The report of  Lesser Scaup  at Tynemouth saw me pull up later that afternoon ,a few birders already assembled with the bird on show , but it spent most of the time tucked in although I believe it had flown briefly and there is a nice flight shot on Birdguides. An adult Med Gull dropped in with the Black-headed Gulls,I tried to video both birds just for a change as they where just to far for my 400 lens.
I should have went for this bird on Sunday but at the time was not sure of its location 

tried some video as it just sat on the fence
Lesser Scaup its a bit jerky as it swam out of shot ,should have set the tripod etc: to video. a Very nice bird actually with some saying it was rather drab , but seen in good light the feather patterning made this a very attractive bird

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