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Friday, 30 December 2011

Another year ends !!!!

As we near the end of another year of birding here are a few images from my travels around the region ,looking forward to getting  out again in the New Year with some good birds still around (hopefully) to get the year off to a good start , I'm hoping for a new gull in the coming months but anything will do , Dragonflies this year where the lowest numbers for me since I took an interest in them so lets hope for a good season or even a good summer this coming year 
 So here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year for 2012 and some good birding  !!, it is my intention to get out on the 1st  but you never know as  I do like a sherbet or two !!!!!!!
 Up to four Little Egrets on the River Blyth unheard of a few years ago !
 This showy Turtle Dove gave many the chance to add it to their  County list
 I photographed this Black-headed Gull 4 times but still have not found it's origins.
 And that star the White Throated Robin  ( which I even got on my bus list )
 Marbled White a new Butterfly for me
 Boneparte's Gull  which just never made it any further North. ( it did get me a small cheque for a photo in Birdwatch )
 Although not seen a Red Kite in Northumberland this year
 And what a turn-up Lesser Scaup on Tynemouth Boating lake (probably start the year off with this )
 And the Greater Yellowleggs  which I first saw in the gloom on Hauxley , but it stayed around for some time , surely Everyone should have got this one.
 Bewick's Swans on Big Waters and I gather on other sites in the region again giving birders a chance to catch up with these one time annual visitors.
 And another showy bird the Desert Wheatear the fourth I have  seen in the County and I believe the third found by Dave Elliot ( amongst his many other finds )

 Spoonbills another species that figured in good numbers this year.
 Avocets breeding in the County, can't wait for their return .
This is another bird which I still have had no information from the ringers, but it has not put me off looking for colour ringed birds , they can provide some insight into bird movements , why not look out for some in 2012.

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