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Friday, 16 December 2011

The Birds of Durham Heritage Project

Last week I went to the talk by Keith Bowey and  Paul Anderson of DBC ,giving an insight into the forthcoming Book  Birds of Durham, and what an interesting talk it was the guy can certainly tell a tale , I don't mean it was fiction but he certainly has  a way of  putting the story across his mind must be full of  anecdotal stories , I did think it was rather poorly attended given that it was a free event in the prestigious  venue of Gateshead Civic Centre Council Chamber and the amount of work those involved have put in , but the talk was avidly listened to by those that did attend , we heard about Britain's first Great Reed Warbler , bones from a Great Auk  dug up in a garden and G.W. Temperley where just some of topics covered. I must confess to having missed the last part of the talk , I went into a coughing fit and thought it appropriate to leave the room , but I will attend the next talk to find out what I missed and looking forward to it !!!


Killy Birder said...

You get good value from Keith.:-) He's giving a talk for the NHSN entitled 'Birds of Durham' on 20th January. (7:00pm at what I still like to call the Hancock Museum) Cheers.

Brian R said...

Do believe he is giving the same talk at the Hancock on January 20th, his enthusiasm is infectious

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes I did mean it as a compliment, he is very enthusiastic, the NHS talk was the one I was referring to intended to post it in the New Year :)
All the best