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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Shortest Day

Well that's the shortest day over , day as in hours of daylight ,actually it was quite light and I was out longer than normal adding the fact it's  much milder , the long stayers are still around hopefully for at least another 10days  as they will be some good birds to start the new year with . Somewhat off topic but I came across this Graffiti on the old cinema wall in Blyth, it's due for development so I wonder if I should rescue it for the nation as it where  , I could take it over to the Baltic, unless that's where it came from perhaps they sell stencils in the shop with cfc free & bio degradable paints all you need is a steady hand and a lookout !!! no idea what they would cost though, I know the last time I was in there a "T" shirt was £15

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