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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Seghill tip / Holywell Pond/ Blyth Harbour

Today I tried another session at Seghill tip area at least that was the plan but actually very few Gulls around , the field that held the huge gull roost now had 70 Greylag , checked the area for gulls and counted 19 Moorhen on a pool then headed down to Holywell Pond . Walked down to the east end first nothing at all on the shore an ice shelf held about 60 or so gulls and I was surprised to see two Whooper Swans at the west end and I could also see two juv Mute. So at the west end the two Whoopers where not far from the hide , I can only assume they are the same two from the weekend ?, the two juv Mute Swans where the only two around so the adults and other young had left. The Whoopers took off and headed east neither had any problem flying but they soon returned and dropped in near the hide again, a huge amount of gulls most at the east end due to ice but again nothing unusual that I could find, the cold overcome me so time to head down to Blyth Harbour to find an assortment of rare gulls !!!! . First I had a good look for the Black Redstart but no sign for me two RTD and numerous Cormorants and Shags in the bay Guillemot on the river,probably a couple of hundred gulls around but well spread out , the light already poor even at 3'oclock time for home  !!!.  
As I said I presume these are the same two from the  weekend one of which was unable to fly , but they seemed fine now

 Wigeon just outside the hide
with empty feeders birds looking on the ground for fallen seed (the nut lady arrived as I left)

Juv  RTD Blyth Bay never see more than a couple of Red throats in the bay
Blyth River


Johnnykinson said...

I was convinced you would be up in Amble today.

Northumbrian Birding said...

At the moment not even tempted John looking to find my own not necessarily Iceland, but at least interesting gull.