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Monday, 19 December 2011

Holywell Pond Saturday 17th

Saturday afternoon spent a couple of  hours at Holywell Pond started off at the east end Mute swan Chasing a Whooper off which flew around calling before re landing over and over again, turns out its mate was injured not sure if by the Mute bit it did have a go at it a couple of times it obviously could not fly , I did phone it in to  a rescue centre not sure what happened in the end. Huge number of Gulls around probably as the tip was not working  Saturday ?, only had the bins with me but I could pick out nothing unusual  out of the  2,000 or so .A single Buzzard and numerous Pinkfeet passing over but no geese on the pond a Bittern was seen briefly but only by one person so the rest of the afternoon we spent hoping it would reappear ,I have never seen Bittern at Holywell before, the feeders quiet but a female Bullfinch came to feed on Meadow sweet  seeds then have  a drink from the pool edge. A pleasant afternoon more talking than birding .
Sunday feeling lazy despite the rather pleasant but cold day ,had a walk down to the South Harbour but nothing of note fishing boats bringing in there catch and gulls with them but no sign of any white wingers, but I see an Iceland reported  at Amble so may get one yet , also MH tells me of Black Redstart at South Harbour this am  was intending to call on the way home but it never really brightened up any .

 Whoopers seem to be very faithful to their partner this bird  just would not go
and again it returns to the pond, as I say to date not sure of the outcome with the injured bird, Whooper Swan is not the sort of bird you can just pick up   !!!

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