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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Linton Buzzard

Well here's wishing you all a  very Merry Christmas 

 This photo is actually  a christmas card and was taken at 6500 iso hand held under tungsten light using my 400 lens from across the room and I thought it looked OK , so now I am ready for my next encounter in the gloom !!.

The other day I visited my one time   favourite winter haunt of Linton Pools  alas the west pool held 2 Mallard, 3 Tufted  & 3 Teal.
The East Pool had 2 Mute Swans ,70 Teal  and 2 Tufted so it actually took longer to walk to each pool than bird them .Except I noticed a Buzzard sitting on the fence ,they are usually miles away but in the scope it was not to bad ,so I thought I would video it . Now they are only very short so don't start them and then  go and make a cup of tea, but heh  !!!! at least they are not the  repeats that the TV is offering .

I think it may have had some form of prey here but finished by the time I got set up.
Here it had flown over the grassland hovered momentarily then dropped down, flying to this post it seems puzzled that there is no meal available ,but it has taken a large chunk of grass showing the force of the drop.
This is just after the above but the image is slightly better till it flys off.

I think this an adult or perhaps sub/adult , most of the books I have cover flight ID

Located again  slightly closer but now I'm in the wind , I was just going to move the camera to put the bird on the left so I could get it as it flew ,but alas it flew off.

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