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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blackbird recovery

Finally got the details back of a Blackbird corpse I found when out on the bike ,the remains shown I had nothing to put it in so it went into the bottle carrier till I got home so I could recover the ring , presume it was trapped on Autumn migration in it's 1st year  and returned North over the years, head missing and well picked over presume Sparrowhawk kill . It was lying in the gutter but he ring caught my eye still get a thrill from finding a ringed bird !!!

Thank you for taking the time to report to us details of a bird ring you found. Information about this bird and its movements is given below. If you notice any errors in the information, please return it (or a copy) with your corrections, so we can update our records.

Ringing Scheme:London        Ring Number:LA74005        Species of bird:Blackbird 
This bird was ringed by Sandwich Bay BO as age 1st year , sex male on 22-Oct-2008 at Sandwich Bay Estate, Kent
OS Map reference TR3657, co-ordinates 51deg 16min N 1deg 23min E.
It was found on 12-Jun-2012 at Blyth, Northumberland
OS Map reference NZ3184, co-ordinates 0deg 0min 1deg 30min W.
The bird was Dead    Bird Found
Remarks Remains only
It was found 1329 days after it was ringed, 473 km from the ringing site, direction NNW.

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