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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Swallow Pond

A visit to Swallow Pond my first this year , found it absolutely heaving with people they even had an overflow carpark which was nearly full. A walk down to the dipping pond soon produced a female Southern hawker ovipositing  on various types of material they do this by pushing the eggs into a suitable soft material, it even landed on the boardwalk several times probing for a suitable site. Some Common Figwort also growing here , a walk to the other ponds only produced an Emerald damselfly which I have seen very few of this year 

Southern Hawker Female showing some wing damage as they fly amongst the vegetation to lay their eggs

Mating Hoverflies
Single Emerald , must confess the pond that this was located at does suffer from disturbance from dogs jumping in for sticks  and numerous cans and bottles.
 Common Figwort ( from my archives) too dark for photographs at the location
 They have pitcher like flowers  and those are sticky droplets

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