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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Last of the Swifts

The last of the Swifts have gone from their nest sites , a Juvenile or possibly two flew from the second nest site located on the side of my house , a tricky exit as they can only leave at an angle so its not just a case of launching into the air . The two adults of the first night spent about 5 days roosting in the nest site , with much mutual preening I suppose it's the only way they get too know each other  and even then its pitch dark in the site. Still swifts around with a few over the house and some over Cresswell the other day ,but it won't be long till they are all gone for another year.

Last of the Juveniles(possibly two from here)just before it left the site, it's a tight fit, the adults on returning every year have to make many attempts before landing just right ,as the season progresses they hit the entrance spot on .

This video is just as it was recorded ,it's the two adults having returned to the nest site to roost , pair bonding with much mutual preening and calling .

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