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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Coquet Island

Coquet Island ,the sky was not that blue but the sea was that grey, and it was rather cool. from my phone.
Edit : Word is that 71 pairs of Roseate Terns  reared 75 chicks a good year .

A bit behind with some of my posts and its a couple of weeks since I went over to Coquet Island with the Natural History Society , also along was Killy Birder but he is more efficient than I and has posted to his Blog . A couple of Arctic Skuas on the way over, you forget just how low down you are when on a boat , plenty of Puffins on the sea all lifted as we circled the Island a single Common Scoter on the east side ,then we rounded onto the west , Terns everywhere a few Roseates sitting on the quay and some on the rocks , with birds in flight but the light was poor and no good for flight shots , a single Common Sandpiper lifted and flew in company with a Puffin till they went out of sight , this to me was the highlight of the trip seeing Puffin and Common Sand flying together or I should say side by side. The small Rib came alongside the quay and the wardens came down to meet it looking like a right bunch of HOODIES , essential supplies it seems in the form of fish and chips which they sat down and ate right there and then    !!!! cracking night was had by all ... 
 Two Arctic Skuas
 numerous flocks of Puffins
 The nearest bird of the night , and one of the few nearly in focus , its not easy from a boat.
 The Lighthouse
 Small sandy beach
 The quay and an advert for their Facebook page

Two Juvenile Roseate Terns right and left with an adult centre and a Juv Common Tern in the foreground.

 You can just make out two terns up on the weather vane
The wardens come down to the quay wheelbarrows covered  as well as their heads , its fish and chip time !!!!!!!!


Killy Birder said...

Yes, it was a very nice way to spend an evening Brian. Got my blog up quick, but what I didn't get was a decent image of a Puffin. :-) Some very nice Roseate Tern sightings. Cheers, Brian.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers Brian , Yes I have got some shots of Roseate since, but is was good to soak up the atmosphere, good value trip !