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Thursday, 2 August 2012

First of the Swifts Gone

1-8-2012 I put the CCTV on in the swifts nest to find two birds near the entrance observed and recorded  a short video , I stopped recording and as it is processed  the picture is lost for a second or two, when it came back on they both had gone , absolutely gutted to have missed the departure by so short a time, Rushing outside to find about 15 Swifts above the garden  wheeling around they are such natural flyers no way could you pick out any juveniles from these they spent the next half hour screaming around and coming between the houses you can just hear the juvenile from the second nest in the attached recording, this nest will be much harder to leave as it will have to leave at an angle , I'm sure the screaming party is trying to encourage the juvenile to come out , this site is not accessible  so lets hope all goes well !!!! 

30-7-2012 the young Swift looks out I thought it wouldn't be long before it left.Such a small bill really just for grooming , but what a gape they have , Basking Shark of the sky !

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