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Monday, 6 August 2012

Stilt Sandpiper

The message came through on Sunday just to late for me to get up to Newton for the Stilt Sandpiper a County first ,so i headed off at 4:30 am this morning just incase it decided to leave at dawn .I t showed well from arriving already a few birders there ,but at a distance , having looked at images on the net the night before I was amazed just how small it was expecting something taller and rakish looking, photography was impossible and so was digiscoping so all I could do was get some (very dodgy) video as I maintain something is better than nothing, well it fed and fed , preened , tucked in briefly but mostly fed . A very nice bird as new waders always are

Gary the finder of this great bird gives details here beadnell-birding.blogspot
JM got some very decent shots given the distance Stilt Sandpiper

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