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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

18-06-08 Flowers & Insects

Some photos from here and there of flowers and insects,I was very interested to see the Bird's nest Orchid, wondering how it was so called,only to read that the roots resemble the nest of a bird,so I will just have to take that as read,stil not many Dragons out yet at this date

Not found a name for this yet antennae over three times the body length

Agriotes obscurus is the nearest I can get although the colour is not right?
Another as yet not named ,it hid in a leaf that was brought around like a tent with a leg touching the silk ,I tickled the web and out it popped
Lots of LBO out now

And again another un-named , did I not read somewhere there are over 650 named species in Britain alone


Birds nest Orchid
And a closer view,just showing signs of life ,a first for me thanks to Boulmer Birder for the info


st said...

Moth-Nemophora Degeeerella
beetle-Phyllobuis Pomaceus.

Moth is one of a kind, very distinctive feature.
Beetle loses blue colouration with age. all ways on nettles as larval stage feeds on roots.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Wow ST I am very impressed with your Knowledge of these Insects, I tend to post them, then try to find out what they are, otherwise they would never get posted.
Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

great pics!

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