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Sunday, 1 June 2008

20-05-08 More Flower Power

Red Campion,just opening ,very common ,but still very attractive.

A few more photos these are from the 20th of May mostly looking for flowers, Stitchwort, Field Mouse Ear, Water Avens, Goldilocks Buttercup etc:, I find flowers difficult to photograph, despite the fact they do not move they are a challenge a lot of the shots I got where no good for one reason or another, I did have a pair of Mandarin along the river just outside Bellingham, chanced upon as we walked along the bank, I tried for these at Falstone etc: with no luck a few weeks ago.

A Sheep's carcass draped over a tree at the rivers edge, stripped bare by Piranhas(well it sounds good anyway), I have sent off the image to the Tat Modern , they can have it for a tenner !!!! all it needs is a fancy title,which is beyond me, but then I am not an artist.
I like these Water Avens ,very common and as such overlooked ,caught this one with an insect just about to land .
Common "DOR" apparently dor comes from the old English for drone as these make a droning sound in flight (not heard it myself )
The Pennine Way looking south

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