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Friday, 13 June 2008

2-02-08 Out on the bike again

2nd of June I went out on the bike via Holywell pond at the public hide a pair of Whitethroats feeding young in the nettles, a Great Tit came into the window as you can see with a beak full ,I could here the young calling ,they seemed to be up on the roof , the bird hopped around looking for them , it than seemed to go near my camera bag , as I went to move it I could hear the young actually under the seat so I left them to it.
St Mary's Grasshopper Warbler singing, Fulmars giving it there all over the cliffside, Female Reed with also a beak full, can you just imagine how many TONS of insects etc: are consumed during a season.

Something else to look up when I have time,what's the caterpillar

Fulmars playing in the wind.

Trying to reel them in ,females that is !!!Reed Bunting feeding young.