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Sunday, 1 June 2008

21-23 On the bike

Used the bike to get around the local ponds etc: had my first Wall for the year also Greenshank at the Beehive flash, it does not seem to get the birds of other years but still worth a look if your passing,
Wall Brown
Caught this huge black cat as it went through the undergrowth of a pond edge, but that is all it was a black cat,looking large in the trees, is this how legends are started,having said that I am sure they do an enormous amount of damage with so many young fledging and making an easy target,kill it ,drop it, and then go home for your gourmet cat food !!!
Whitethroats everywhere giving it their all in song.
Mares Tail
This must have some old fashioned name to do with noses or bums,depending on where you where brought up.


abbey meadows said...

I'm afraid the fungi has no perverse names that I know of. It is commonly called Sulphur polypore; bland eh!

Northumbrian Birding said...

I asked because as a child my dad pointed out Witch's Butter, giving some tale about it ,and as a result I always stayed clear of it.
Sulphur Polypore not quite the mouthfull that some are.