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Friday, 13 June 2008

4-06-08 The Lesser Grey Shrike

Digiscoped Image

A Lesser Grey Shrike reported at the Long Nanny on the Tuesday, but it was pouring all day so I thought there would be a good chance of it staying , as it did and the weather was much better, it performed like a little star, giving stunning views, but most of my digiscoped photos turned out very poor, but what a great few hours I spent there , I also looked over at the Terns a peregrine tried to take an Arctic along the shore but it got away somehow and got lost in the crowd, the Shrike also ranged over towards the wardens hut at one stage.

Some of the Lesser grey Shrike, I have printed off some of the better ones (not shown here)
for sale.

Lesser Grey Shrike, The Long Nanny , this would look better if I could turn it around !!!!

Arctic Tern , The Long Nanny , many got washed out on the very high tide that day, with eggs floating around.
Peregrine takes an Arctic, ( overexposed as I was trying to get birds in the sky )
It seems to get away somehow !!!!! one lucky bird
Small Heath

1 comment:

Blyth Birder said...

Nice shots.

I tried for it the day I got back from Scotland but it chose the night before to do a flit.