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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

12-1-09 Blyth Estuary & Linton (again)

Started the day off at Blyth Estuary, plenty of waders there, including Bar Tailed Godwits & Grey Plover, new for the year to add to my resurrected year list, also Goldeneye ,Red Breasted Mergansers, a couple of geese across in a field the river, the scope revealed one Pinkfoot & one Greylag, I did not count everything but did note 40 Teal.
Next stop Linton Pond not been for awhile ( well since Friday ) my weekend involved very little birding hence no post for that, walked the lane first, fields in the process of being ploughed which should bring down some geese in a few weeks, as usual plenty of Gulls on the pond but not much coming in , later that afternoon waive after wave came in and I noticed an adult Glaucous on the right island which the larger gulls seem to favour, there was a bit of a scuffle and it was gone after only 10 mins, checked out the gulls a few times but nothing unusual, although there are plenty of Herring Gulls looking absolutely pristine and some looking rather tatty around the head with those smudgy markings
Adult Glaucous carry's off a Crow is this unusual :)

It flew across the pond and off West


abbey meadows said...

I'll look out for that Gull as I will be along there tomorrow morning.

Brian said...

yes swap you an adult Glaucous sighting for an adult Iceland sighting !!!