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Friday, 30 January 2009

28-1-09 Catcleugh

Wednesday morning the 28th January 9:30 and I was at Catcleugh Reservoir, not somewhere you here much of ,it's a fantastic setting ,there was a heavy mist on the way over, I stopped for a couple of Buzzards on the ground in a field , they just walked over the crest and watched me heads just visible but not that far off, till they took off and quickly went out of sight , anyway at the reservoir in the NE corner were some Whoopers at least 6 (2 A ,4J ) with about another 10 birds hidden in the reeds so could have been Mute in with them, a single goose at the extreme range of my scope and vision I took to be a Bean Goose, only got a couple of shots, but it looks to me like a "fabalis" Taiga , a single Teal, and a male Goosander the only other birds I could see, looked back later but a heavy mist sat over the area which took ages to clear, more Buzzards over one mobbed by a Raven, 2 Dippers on the river and about 100 Fieldfares over , came back via Elsdon Gibbet, in the hope of Crossbills which seem to often get right onto the edge of Harwood sometimes , but not today it was cold, dull and damp here, so heading back towards Morpeth taking it slow,I past a Barn Owl poking it's head out of a tree & another mixed flock of mostly Redwings , Starlings and a few Fieldfare, also in the same tree line to far off for me a flock of 60+ smaller birds.

One of the original workmans huts is still on site which is Private with no access but is open for one day in the year a great opportunity to have a look around, I recommend it , look out for details , also well worth a look is the small church just outside of Byrness, this has some great stained glass dedicated to the men women & children that lost there lives building the dam ,
Bremenium a roman fort near Rochester is also worth a visit

Fabalis ?

Swans in the distance gives you some idea of the size of this water

Mist set in it was mid afternoon before it started to clear

Some information here

Glaucous ,Iceland Gull,Snipe, Jack Snipe, Willow, Blue, Great,Long Tailed Tit, Barn Owl, Scaup, Red Breasted Merganser,Goosander, Teal ,Wigeon, Tufted, Mallard, Shoveller,Gadwall,Shellduck Goldeneye, Eider,Pinkfeet , Greylag ,Canada, Stonechat, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Heron, Oystercatcher, Dunlin, Redshank, Sanderling,Bar Tailed Godwit, Grey Plover Mute Swan, Shellduck, Black- Headed , Common , Herring Gull ,Curlew, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Coot, Purple Sandpiper, Water Pipit, Mediterranean Gull, Sanderling, Dunlin, Turnstone, Brent , Redshank, Rock Pipit, Waxwing (s), Kittiwake, Tree Sparrow, Bullfinch , Raven, Dipper, Bean Goose,

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