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Monday, 5 January 2009

3-1-09 Thornley/ Far Pastures

Ikea was a place we had to call in at on Saturday so what better than go up to Thornley first, had the place virtually to ourselves ,only one Brambling showing and a Willow Tit which was so fast it defied all my efforts to get any shot of it never mind a full frame stunner, the number of Grey Squirrels seems to increase every time I go ,it was a pleasant but cold couple of hours, a Red Kite over was nice to see , another later from Far Pastures, and a couple of Jay but none at the feeders , easy birding and there is nothing wrong with that ,the best views of Bullfinch etc: that you can get , oddly no GSW today

Brambling Thornley

Plenty of Bullfinch always here

That's one "cracking "bill they have

Hard to get it without a seed

Long Tailed Tits seem to be everywhere

Red Kite over the hide and another at Far Pastures

Nodding off to sleep or have I just caught it at the wrong blinking time !!!

I wanted to try and get the Snipe photographed directly from behind to see its eyes on the side of it's head

Ready to spring into action

Finally the humble Mallard , he swam back and forward so I thought he deserved a photo


abbey meadows said...

I might give that place a visit next time I'm at Ikea.

Northumbrian Birding said...

A visit to Ikea is not a prerequisite:), just killing two birds with one stone ( poor choice of metaphor) and there is also Shibdon Pond, has some interesting flowers and dragonflies, check out Gateshead Birders site.