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Thursday, 8 January 2009

7-1-09 Holywell Pond

I ended up at Holywell the hide has been vandalised again and the door smashed, the usual Gulls, that here keep more into the middle and you need a scope to look through them, there is nowhere for them to loaf around, the field next to the pond has long grass in so they are going elsewhere. Two Bramblings reported but they did not show for me still not a bad afternoon as a 1st year Iceland Gull dropped in for a wash, it was acting very strange , I think it was trying to plunge in but was unsure how to do it, as shown on the video.

1st year Iceland drops in for a wash
very unsettled it was all over the place

Trying to plunge in but without success

Pheasant helping itself to the nuts the easy way, having been refilled by the "nut lady"

Four Long Tailed Tits on the nuts

Pecker for once caught it not on the feeder

Trying it's best to plunge in but not sure how to do it !!!!

I have just heard a phone going off at the end, "silence on the set please "


Alan said...


Nut lady?

Have I accidently surfed into one of those adult-content sites that they tell me exist on the interweb?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Perhaps I should have put those in the title,but sorry no you will have to keep looking !!!!!!!!