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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Checking the Internet

I was just going through the Internet looking for ideas etc. I was planning to go down to Devon to see my sister before they move , so I thought it's a long drive down, check the flights, so I got into FLYBE , Newcastle to Exeter only 1:09 thats one pound and nine pence,each way though, and there would be two of us so thats 4x 1:09 ,still cheap so I put in some dates, still only 1:09 each way ,till I started the booking process, luggage add *****, Taxes add *****, admin add *****, credit / debit card use add *****, so by now it's 168.97, then there was fuel surcharge and some other stuff to add and subject to change, plus I would need car hire. This is where I gave up, after all it's not that far to drive I'm sure there will be somewhere to call into on the way down.
Idea two, It's been years since I was on Bass Rock, and I fancied going back, I had an old Exacta camera the last time I was there , so it sounded a solid idea, check out "The Web" it did not take long to get some info, but now it seems photography trips are big earners as a run over and landing costs 95 pounds, not sure how long your there etc.

Idea three pay the 48 pounds for a return flight to Barcelona ,......................... done !!!!!!

So in order to offset my carbon footprint, I will get some new tyres(recycled of course) for the bike and go everywhere on it , anybody any idea how long it would take to cycle to Holy Island and back , to the nearest day would do !!!!!


Alan T said...

I can recomend accomodation at the halfway point in Alnmouth should you go ahead :) or alternatively there's going to be a vacant cottage in longhoughton sometime soon you could squat in for a night

Brian said...

I have decided to compromise and put the bike on the back of the car and at least cycle around Holy Island, giving me a carbike as opposed to a carbon list.