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Friday, 2 January 2009

2-01-09 Questioning my I.D. skills

A run to Morpeth today for a walk along the riverside and perhaps the sight of some Waxwings in the town, on the road outside the town only doing a slow fifty I remarked there was a Turkey at the side of the road, which met with disbelief questioning my I.D. skills so on the way back I took a photo of it , it was not a dual carriageway so would not qualify for that list , plus the fact it was obviously dead, the mind boggles as to how it got there and even more so as to how it's still there, can you imagine a Fox sauntering along after an unsuccessful nights hunt to come across this !!!!!
A lot of houses along the riverside empty and awaiting repair bringing home the full extent of the damage caused by the floods, they have my sympathy and hope it gets back to normal as soon as possible.
Three Goosanders further upstream, but not much else , so we stopped at Plessey Woods but the light was fading fast, three Treecreepers ,2 Nuthatch, 2 Goldcrests, Great Spotted & several Long Tailed Tits and the silhouette of a Red in the last of the light .
Oven ready Turkey on the roadside

The Female goosander easy to get a photo of than the male

i was going to go to Killingworth Lake for these but they always stay well off

I forget the story of these two Whale bones that ended here as gate posts ???


Rare Visitor said...

I'll wager there's some story behind that Turkey, you can imagine the atmosphere in the car before and after it was abandoned and Christmas Day....

abbey meadows said...

Lovely Goosander shots. I'm not sure of the full story of the whalebones either.

Northumbrian Birding said...

RV , Yes a story we will never hear, It's the Fox that chances on it, that I would like to see !!!!

AM, Yes the goosanders are great looking birds, that bill is just made for the job, usually get them along Warkworth Castle stretch