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Thursday, 1 January 2009

1st January 2009 Happy New Year

Caption read, passenger waiting for delayed flight ?, has to be a Jumbo jet. but have a go and make up your own !!!!!!!!
Coming to a seat near you on that next long haul flight

Well That's it all over Christmas & New Year I was out till about 3 but was surprised to see how nice it was today, last year I went birding for the day and it was miserable dull and rainy, so I could not waste the opportunity and decided to go out on the bike just in case I was still over the limit for the car, but first puncture of the year as I got the bike out ( I hate Bikes) so I had to change the tube , and a rude tube it was, anyway headed off to try and find those waxwings reported at South Beach Blyth, no details given , but no sign, headed past the old reservoir and campsite, past the old land fill site, this has lots of maturing trees and some good cover but never seems to hold anything , it was getting late in the afternoon and thought I would have no time to go to St Mary's island ,so I went to South harbour, wrong choice not much there at all , although I found out when I got home that the Iceland Gull had been there at 2pm. so not a good start to the year but there is still 364 to go.

Have a good one

This Frog taken February last year so it will not be long before they return to my pond

Just some shots of Northumberland, bleak is it not :)

Blyth from Seaton Sluice with the Cheviots in the far distance

Seaton Sluice looking up the Dene on a very high tide

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