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Friday, 17 July 2009

Cycle around the ponds 14-7-09

Tuesday it was a cycle around the ponds and back via St Marys Island on a very small pond near Newsham (NWT) a Common Tern fishing it caught a few then took one away south presumably to Holywell Pond, unusual in that this pond or old reservoir is deep set and surrounded with trees ,still if the fishings good .
Holywell Pond at the open end about 40 lapwings ,and the usual Canada , Greylag & loafing gulls, with 2 Common Tern on the island , at the east end a photo shoot of some sort so I did not hang about,there is to be a Moth evening tonight(17th) at about 9pm but given the weather its probably cancelled, through the Dene and out at the stream with not a single Dragonfly to be seen ,St Marys also had very little a few Terns came in to the rocks displaced from their usual roost, my first 2 Sandwich Tern juveniles with them , a few Sand Martin in the North bay which I tried to photograph, a sailing ship passed the lighthouse which looked interesting ,I later caught up with it as it came into Blyth

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