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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Harbottle 4-07-09

Another visit to Harbottle with a look at a Moth Trap, some of those caught where new to me I forgot to get the list of them and the few photos I took where hurried and not very sharp, one reason was a lot of moths had settled near the trap and it was feared they would get stood on if people moved to much , a walk along a forest track I was surprised to find Pirri Pirri it seems to be doing well and will spread rapidly at least along the edges, another Speckled Wood in a clearing at Harbottle , with also lots of Ringlets, Meadow Browns, and a few Common Blue.
Swallow-tailed Moth


Pirri Pirri

I think this is Strangalia maculata

I was informed this was a Longhorn beetle, called a Slash Beetle due to the markings on its back cant seem to find it in my book

Poplar Hawk moth one of four

Green Carpet

Peach Blossom

Poplar Hawk Moth sitting on my finger about to take of , I put it in the vegetation before it did

Looking across from Harbottle

I saw this last time as a flower and I,D. it as Pirri Pirri, but thought it was only on Holy Island its appearing all over apparently

Speckled Wood at Harbottle Woods, another not wanting to open up !!!!!

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