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Friday, 24 July 2009

Dragonflies or the lack of !! 21-7-09

Tuesday another visit to Wansbeck towards the rear I could see a pond surrounded by bushes etc, so I drove as far as I could down the new estate Seaton Vale building is on hold for the moment , anyway I walked down to the pond nearly completely surrounded with vegetation, a view point from the NE corner looks like its where the geese come out, it is fairly large and well established, 2 broods of Tufted, Little Grebe , several Canada, and a few Mallard, Black-headed on some old fence posts that go through the pond ,no sign of any Dragonflies , but it looks ideal for some species, I could see a road in the background, will check it out , the grass that surrounds it is 4-5 feet high.
The next stop at this pond near Newbiggin, "Jimmy's pond" I think I'll call it ,the one with the Red-veined Darter etc:, wellies on and off I go around and around but alas only a Common Darter for the effort with no sign of it getting any warmer I headed off home . Pond behind the Wansbeck Hospital, that white thing is a sort of bag filled with ,polystyrene, there where a few, the kids probably use them as boats

Common Darter

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