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Friday, 3 July 2009

More Dragonflies 30-06-09

This is 2" long , wing cases on the top & the jaw that shoots out is just below the eyes,with the exit hole just before the wings

Another run around the ponds looking for Dragonflies found 6 Emperors, 3 Four Spot Chasers, and only one Common Darter , 8 Painted ladies,3 Red Admirals, numerous Ringlets and Meadow Browns, I found a few Exuviae, the case left behind when Dragonflies emerge from their larval stage ,one which I think is from an Emperor was too far out, but having stepped in "something " earlier I decided to wade in and get it new trainers or not Ringlet more and more every day
Ruddy Darter

Female Emperor egg laying , I have seen this many times the eggs are not visible in these shots , they look like small yellow flat discs. Here being mobbed they kept grabbing at the wings from behind

Coming in from behind to grab the wing

I found this case, fairly sure its from a flown Emperor

This is another from a Damselfly possibly, difficult to get a size as they are always out of reach

Four Spot Chaser

Another Four Spot Chaser

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