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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Update 1-07-09

Having computer problems so behind in my posts, here are a few photos from the past few days , checked Bothal Pond , Longhirst (Greenshank) and Linton the other day a walk along the Coquet and called in at Newbiggin in the hope of a Juvenile Med gull there was five birds on the rocks 2 Adults and 3 2nd years, more Latticed heath and a paler version of Lead Belle, 4 Painted Ladies, and a Speckled Wood at Warkworth, East Chevington only 4 Little Gulls and a few Terns , with Marsh Harrier over.
Banded Demoiselle Female



Large Skipper

Grass Vetchling

Probably an ornamental grass garden escape about 6 feet wide and high

These sort of catkins hang off the grass about 6+ inches long

Monkey Flower

Banded Demoiselle

Looking more blue in this shot

Speckled Wood probably getting minerals from the mud


Anonymous said...

The ornamental grass is Pendulous Sedge. It`s a garden escape that`s well established in the wild.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for that I did see some at Wallington Hall also, it had to be a garden escape.