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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Day at the Ranges 28-6-09

A visit to the Ranges was planned for today , it was a bit misty on the coast but we thought it would be clearer inland , but alas no overcast with poor visibility , pulled up at a stream to check for Dragonflies and plants and along comes a rally car, and later a tow truck & support cars, yes there was a rally on talking to one of the stewards he said the roads should have been closed , so there we were its not the easiest place to find your way around , the hope was just to find a good spot set the scope up for raptors and have a look for Butterflies and flowers,hence the stopping at every stream we passed over ,not sure how they organized the rally but it seemed they where everywhere plus cars coming in to watch, so we cut the day short and left. All I got for the day was a couple of photos and picked up a Tick, not a new bird for the year but an actual Tick.
Marsh Lousewort

No I.D. for these yet

Common Butterwort

Slender St Johns Wort


No I.D. for this one yet

Flies where another problem, having to eat in the car to keep out the way.

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