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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hospital,Meds & Dragons 15-7-09

A visit to the Wansbeck Hospital taking less time than I thought ,my next stop Newbiggin bay looking for Meds, juveniles in particular but no luck ,my first Common Tern Juveniles though and ran into Alan of Dusty Bins blog (I think the blog title has nothing to do with the famous TV show DUSTY BIN ,3,2,1, and all that but refers to binoculars that have become dusty with lack of use, clever that !) he had two of his very young juveniles with him , two smashing kids but alas Alan had forgotten the buckets & spades ,essential to any beach visit, but thankfully he had remembered to take his new camera & lens ,so that was OK :), I was way behind in what has been going on in the area and thanks to Alan he informed me of the Red-veined Darter sightings not far off so that was the next stop .
Tom Tams was already there my first walk around the pond revealed nothing but as it warmed up more and more took to the wing, along with Black Tailed Skimmer 2, and Four Spot Chaser 3, not sure just how many Red-veined Darters in total but I would say easily 8+ I got a couple linked that where ovipositing, out of focus shot but I'm sure they are Red-veined, the Skimmer would only settle on the grass,making photos hard to obtain, also had my first Emeralds of the year a great afternoon, will have to look back when the weather permits.
Three Meds at Newbiggin

Juvenile Common Tern Newbiggin

Red-veined Darter

Four Spot Chaser

Black tailed Skimmer

Black Tailed Skimmer

Just could not get a clear shot of these, but I'm sure they are Red-veined

Red-veined Darter

Four Spot Chaser

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Alan Tilmouth said...

Pleased you got them Brian, I drew a blank on Thursday morning, too early.