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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Druridge pools

Checking the pools along the coast I ended up at Druridge Pools and sat in the hide overlooking the wetland and two small pools this is the one that had no roof  on for awhile which I think was much better all that was needed was a part roof to shelter under , when it was open it was much easier to see around and above  ,now you have very small windows and as is the case in most hides as soon as you sit down your vision is restricted to straight out , the grass has grown so high even this is becoming a problem , so I ended up standing or actually bent double trying to get some shots of the Garganey  which was nearby on the pool  trying to photograph between the grass. A Grey Partridge fed on the open grass area  and a Wiilow Warbler sang from outside the hide, only Wall Brown on the wing as it was rather cool it's looking like another poor Summer ahead for us and the struggling wildlife. 
 Grey Partridge, I was hoping to see some chicks so I watched it for some time

 Garganey always nice to see the poor light emphasised by the water.

 This lapwing came to near the hide half hidden by the grass
 Found this slug climbing up a seeding Dandelion  why ?
 Grapped a quick shot of this Willow Warbler probably the same one I took a similar shot of last year in the same spot
Not sure if I posted this before or not came across on a walk looks like it just died as it lay curled up  sad sight ,I have only ever found  or I should say came across one other  but you must resist the the temptation to pick up or even touch them , just move on !

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