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Friday, 15 June 2012

Olympic Torch + X4

Well the day finally arrived the 15th of June 2012 and the Olympic Torch passes within a few hundred yards of my house , so the rain had stopped and the gathered crowds awaited , as you can see by the first pic no traffic in either direction, as the torch neared  first the Police Motorcyclists heralded it's arrival but this also heralded the arrival of all sorts of traffic coming in the opposite direction talk about chaos people crossing the road to get a better view as now the view was blocked by cars who by now had a good view as they sat in the warm and dry while the torch passed , so in true press fashion I stepped into the road risking life and limb to get the scoop  as a good Blogger should. It all passed rather quickly except for the X4 Newcastle bus which was bringing up the rear till it was stopped by Police ............................ to let a lady passenger get on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Crowds gather on both sides a big turn out I thought given the weather.
 And the lady awaits the arrival of the torch to complete her leg of the journey , I missed the change over as the traffic blocked my view

 In the entourage where cars an ambulance , two buses and several Police cars and Motorbikes , even a car from London's Met  and bringing up the rear the Newcastle X4, "sorry I'm late for work I got stuck in traffic "
 The Flame
 And the Torch , most seem to have ended up on Ebay
And that was it the Flaming Torch moves on   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PCF said...

From twitcher to torcher or was it just torture.