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Sunday, 3 June 2012


Last week on a very hot day  I headed over to Wheetslade to have a look for any Dragonflies , this area is actually quiet large covering I believe an  old mining site , I presume the hill is what was once termed a pit heap, when I was younger there where numerous pit heaps in the area , some smouldered from fires deep inside giving  off obnoxious smelling gases , probably left to there own devices they would have taken many years to have had a self seeding population of grasses and flowers there are excellent views from this hill , most of  Northumberlands  reserves and parks are from a direct or indirect cause of mining and most have a water feature in the form of a pond or two.I located numerous Four Spot Chasers , a few  Blue tailed  and Common Blue  Damselflies  but only in small numbers , and sites checked later that are nearer the coast and therefore cooler still have none so it's a bit  of a slow start again for Dragonflies / Damselflies this year. A large number of singing Meadow Pipits  in the area numerous Whitethroats  but only one Lesser  a calling Green Woodpecker  and numerous Swifts and swallows over the pools and feeding along the hillside in the lea of the wind . Rather disappointing visit given the good weather and I think perhaps next visit I will come in from the Wideopen side,but check it out if not just for the view from the hill !!!! 
 This Dandelion , one of natures miracle packages of seed distribution , was in the shade and despite the very hot morning still has dew on the top.

 Lots of Ragged Robin out in small patches
 Tried my hand at the Swifts overhead without much success
 Four Spot Chaser


Johnnykinson said...

I must admit that i've usually been disappointed on my visits to Weetslade over the years, hence i've been down to once or twice per annum recently. The Dragons have given me renewed interest so will call in a bit more often over the summer. I had heard that there was a resident Green Woodpecker there.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John,It's worth a look but as it is a bit of a walk to the ponds,there are probably nearer options.