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Monday, 11 June 2012

Marsh Warbler- Hadston

Link to sound file 
Took the opportunity on Thursday to have a look at the Marsh Warbler  that had turned up at Hadston the bird showed straight away coming to the top of the reeds a couple of times and apparently it had been sitting on top of the Sycamores before I got there,but I failed to find it in the camera viewfinder as it would not stay still long enough in the tall reeds, I got a few short recordings of its extensive song  repertoire which I have had to join together as there was a lot of background noise , by 12pm it was less active and the day was getting colder , so I headed to the Hauxley Reserve nicknamed the Goose Farm  an apt  name today several large broods of Greylag's at the Ponteland hide , two Little Egrets also here and a couple of Dunlin and Redshank. Walked along to the Tern hide and the view was mostly of Geese , with a couple of Lapwing chicks on the waters edge, so it was back to the Ponteland hide no sign of the Egrets but did see a Heron get  a very large Eel, no further sign of the marsh Warbler  for me or a few others that day .
Edit :  it seems the bird is still showing very well and everyone is getting some good photos of the bird .......looks like another visit is in order   !!!!

This Heron caught a rather large Eel which it eventually swallowed then as usual spent a long time trying to get the mucus off it's bill by rubbing it in the mud on the grass and washing it . A fish like that must take some time to  digest and they must have very powerful digestive juices to do it , so it's probably off for a siesta for this Heron.
I have been having major problems with Blogger of late ,it won't let me upload videos , this has taken several  attempts , having to greatly reduce the quality /size was the only way to achieve it ,despite there being no real limit to size. 


Codders said...


I used to have the same problem uploading videos to blogger but then got a UTube account and just upload it to there, then click add a video link and hey presto it asks me if I want to use my account and it is instantaneous.


Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John , I will have a look i have put a video on Utube Fireworks at Blyth I think it was.